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With a legacy of 60 years, VPL manufactures yarns that are synonymous with high quality. Occupying a prominent position in the domestic and international market, our yarn portfolio ranges from Cotton Yarns (Carded, Combed, Organic, BCI and SUPIMA), Cotton Polyester Yarns to Value Added Yarns (Grey and Dyed) in variable counts. Using the finest raw materials and cutting edge technology for production, every thread of yarn conforms to the highest global standards.

The fire to continuously innovate and synchronize with the trends is what keeps us in the lead. We welcome all our customers, vendors, stakeholders and business associates to visit our manufacturing plants and witness the facilities, technology and associate with us in order to achieve mutual benefits.

Our state-of-the-art technology comprises of world’s renowned machinery manufacturers. Rieter , Trutzschler , Kirloskar Toyota , Schlafhorst , Murata , Volkmann , Xorella , Loptex ,Uster , Luwa , Fongs , Thies , SSM and Monga Strayfield.

At Oswal Group we strongly believe that quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high good intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skill full execution, it represents a prudent choice of many available alternatives in the interest of our esteemed customers.

We aim to deliver to our customers not only the best quality but also uncompromised services and competitive prices that meet and exceed their expectations. We firmly believe that “Good faith creates value” & hence we give that the topmost priority.

Count range
Grey Cotton Yarn(Carded) - Ne 20s to Ne 32s (Single and Double Ply)
Grey Cotton Yarn(Combed) - Ne 20s to Ne 40s (Single and Double Ply)
Polyester Cotton Yarn All Blends - Ne 20s to Ne 40s
Compact Yarns - Ne 20s to Ne 32s
Organic Cotton Yarns - Ne 20s to Ne 40s
BCI cotton yarn and Blends - Ne 20s to Ne 40s
Dyed Yarns - Ne 10s to Ne 60s
SUPIMA cotton Yarns - Ne 20s to Ne 40s (Against firm orders)
100% Modal and cotton/Modal blends - Ne 20s to Ne 40s (Against firm orders)
100% bamboo and cotton/ Bamboo Blends - Ne 20s to Ne 40s (Against firm orders)
Slub/ Multi-count - Ne 16s to Ne 32s
Lycra/ Spandex Blended Core Spun Yarns - Ne 10s to Ne 30s

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