A Closer Glimpse on Indian Garments Manufacturer Industry

The garment industry of India is considered to be one of the largest scale industries of the country employing nearly about 8 million dedicated workers. Most of the workers employed in Indian garments manufacturer industry are women and mainly contributes about 4% of the Gross Domestic Product or GDP of India. With today’s changing times, lots of garments manufacturers in India are coming up with newest products in order to meet both local and global demands.

What are the Well-Known Indian Garment Industry Hubs?

When speaking about concentration, India has around ten primary garment-producing hubs. These specialize in producing wide variety of garments. Tirupur, also known as India’s “T-shirt Town”, nestled in southern state of Tamil Nadu has about 1500 units producing finest knitwear garments. On the northern part, Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi have also emerged as garment industry hubs for massive production as well as export of ready-made garments for children and women. Indore and Ludhiana are best recognized for producing top quality ready-made garments and Bareily is also known for its excellent zari works which are one of the bests in the world.

The Major Markets

Indian garments are known for unmatched quality all over the world. The demands for these garments made by leading garments manufacturers in India are rapidly increasing worldwide mainly because garments manufacturer India produces best value and top quality products at generally affordable rates as compared to other countries. Major markets where the Indian garments are in higher demands are UK, Germany, Italy, Bangladesh, France, Turkey and Spain. Aside from increased demands on international market, India’s exclusive fashion has certainly undergone quick changes over the years. This has essentially bolstered the local demands.

What are the Rules and Strategies Adapted by Garments Manufacturers in India in order to have a Good Business?

The rules and strategies adapted by Indian garments manufacturers revolve mainly in the following aspects:

  • Product Quality
  • Fabric Quality
  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

In order to attain good business, garments manufacturers in India always ensure that they perform based on the promises they have given to their customers. Just in case these manufacturers have plans of entering the international market, they first carefully and effectively frame out the ideal quality standards and follow these strictly. Quality is a vital aspect and there are several factors of quality that are based on which Indian garments manufacturer are supposed to function or work such as quality of the overall production, quality of garment design, quality of final inspections, quality of advertising or marketing and more.

The garment manufacturer industry of India is indeed a booming field. This particular industry has actually brought in lots of money to the country through the rise on garment products sales. Apart from these, another good aspect that stands behind the success of every garment manufacturer in India is the way they adhere to best manufacturing practices.

Manufacturers are always willing to learn and expand their horizons, they communicate with clients openly and they fully understand the market and the context they are working with and most of all, they have the essential capacity and skills.

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